Myths and Facts of Plastic Surgery


Myth : Plastic surgery is called plastic surgery because it involves use of Plastic.
Fact : The word plastic was derived from the Greek word ‘Plastikos’ which means ’To mould’, which gave rise to the term Plastic surgery. Although silicone and other types of implants are used in Plastic surgery, it is the art of remodeling of the tissues which gave rise to this name-Plastic surgery.

Myth : There are no scar marks left after plastic surgery.
Fact : All plastic surgeries heal with scars. Plastic surgeons are trained for delicate tissue handling ,and making tissue incisions in strategic positions to minimize their visibility. Because of all this and use of fine sutures, the quality of scar is much better after Plastic surgical procedure is done. Proper post operative care of the scar further minimizes the scar to some extent. Every one heals differently because of genetic and personal health factors.

Myth : Plastic surgery and Cosmetic surgery are the same and Plastic surgery is meant only for improving looks. 
Fact : Though cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the best-known kind of plastic surgery, most plastic surgery is not cosmetic. Plastic surgery has got a very broad spectrum, and can be divided into further subspecialties like Hand surgery, Microsurgery, Craniomaxillofacial surgery, Pediatric plastic surgery and Cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is mostly involved with improvement of function first and then form and looks.

Myth : Plastic surgery is very expensive and meant only for rich and famous
Fact : Most of the Plastic surgery procedures are affordable to the common people. The vast majority of people undergoing plastic surgery are the common people. It is probably because of the glamour associated with the term plastic surgery, that it is considered very expensive.

Myth : The entire face can be changed using plastic surgery.
Fact : This statement is not entirely a myth. Cadaveric face transplants have been done successfully in some countries. However it needs prolonged immunosuppression, and long term results are yet to be evaluated. It will take a couple of years before face transplantations will be regularly performed in India. As of now, improvement in certain aspects like hair, nose, eyes, chin can be made using Plastic surgery.

Myth :Plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are very risky
Fact : The risk involved in Plastic surgery is similar to risk involved in other surgeries.

Myth : Plastic surgery is possible at specialized centers and corporate hospitals only.
Fact : Apart from corporate hospitals, Plastic surgery is routinely being done across many government institutes as well as smaller centers in India.