Plastic Surgery Services

Paediatric :


1) Cleft Lip/Palate.

2) Soft tissue biopsy.

3) AV Malformation.

4) Ear Piercing

5) Congenital Hand and Foot    Anomalies

6) Ear Anomalies



  1. Soft Tissue Biopsy

  2. Hyperpigmentation

  3. Bedsore

  4. Diabetic wounds

  5. Temporal artery biopsy

  6. Av fistula creation



  1. Pace maker exposure reposition

  2. Wound healing problems

  3. Chest wall Reconstruction (Post CABG)

  4. Keloid




  1. Hair Transplant

  2. Radiation injuries

  3. Wrinkles (Aging Face)

  4. Nerve palsies

  5. Leprosy hand

  6. Skin tumors

  7. Soft tissue swellings

                  Paed surgeon:


  1. Deformities of Hand /Foot.

  2. Cleft lip /Palate




1) Diabetic wounds

2) Gynecomastia

3) Diabetic Foot Prevention Surgeries



  1. AV Fistula creation
  2. Wound healing abnormalities



Rheumatoid Hand correction




  1. Temporal artery biopsy
  2. Carpel tunnel syndrome
  3. Nerve palsies-upper limb,lower limb.



  1. Soft tissue injuries of face
  2. Reconstruction of scalp
  3. Reconstruction of Calvarium
  4. Reconstruction of Forehead
  5. Boney Fractures of Face

                Opthal :


  1. Reconstruction of eyelids
  2. Correction of ptosis
  3. Canthoplasty
  4. Reconstruction of Ectropian
  5. Brow lift.

                  Obstetrics and Gynecology:


  1. Vaginal Tightening
  2. Labioplasty.
  3. Citoral Unhooding.
  4. Vaginoplasty.
  5. Breast Augmentation/Reduction.
  6. Mastopexy.
  7. Breast Reconstruction.
  8. Axillary breasts
  9. Stretch Marks.
  10. Pelvic Floor Tightening.
  11. Tubal Recanalization.
  12. Internal Iliac Vessel Repair.
  13.  Abdominoplasty.



  1. TMJ Ankylosis
  2. Ear Keloid
  3. Split Ear repair
  4. Ear deformities
  5. Ear replants
  6. Nose deformities
  7. Salivary gland tumours
  8. Lip Reconstruction
  9. Mandible Protrusion(genioplasty)
  10. Facial Paralysis
  11. Reconstruction of maxilla / skull base/ esophageal oral cavity.
  12.  Rhinophymoma




  1. Replants of limbs,fingers,toes.
  2. Defects of limbs
  3. Crush Injury Hand/Finger.
  4. Cold Hand Cases
  5. Hand Infection
  6. Nerve Injuries
  7. Hand Fractures
  8. Tendon Repair
  9. Artery, Nerve Repair
  10. Thumb Reconstruction
  11. Hand Tumours
  12. Burned Hand
  13. Congenital Hand Anomalies

                 Onco surgeon:


  1. Head and Neck Reconstruction
  2. Peripheral Reconstruction
  3. Free Flaps
  4. Hand Tumors
  5. Penile Reconstruction
  6. OC fistulas.



  1. Hypospadias
  2. Penile reconstruction
  3. Testis implant
  4. Penile implant
  5. Fournier’s gangrene cover
Facilities :
Cosmetic Surgery

1) Liposuction

2) Abdominoplasty/Tummy tuck

3) Body contouring

4) Buttock implants

5) Breast enlargement with implants

6) Hair transplant –scalp/beard.

7) Breast reduction/  reshaping/ firming

8) Blepharoplasty/ baggy eyelids

9) Gynecomastia

10) Nose correction

11) Lip reduction

12) Fat grafting

13) Ear correction

14) Chest and abdomen etching

15) Female and male gential cosmetic surgery

16) Botox

17) Fillers

18) Microdermabrasion

19) Vaginoplasty

20) Chin implants

21) Hymenoplasty

22) Brachyplasty

23) Body lift procedures

24) Face and neck lift

25) Ear piercing

26) Peeling

27) Mole removal

28) Dermarollers

29) Platelet Rich Plasma treamtment

30) Radio frequency ablation of skin lesions

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Wishing everyone a very Happy Diwali.

Fire cracker burns are very common while celebrating Diwali. Here are few tips to tackle minor cracker burns.

Remove the heat source from the person, or the person from the heat source, whichever is easiest and safest.

Place the burnt area under the cool, running water until the pain subsides. One can also place a cloth dipped in chilled water over the affected area. However, do not place ice or butter on the burn as it can make the pain more worse.

Carefully try to remove the burnt clothes of the victim unless it is sticking to the injury. Remove any rings, belt, watch, shoes or any accessory worn by the victim before the affected area swells.

Once the burnt area is cooled for about 15 to 20 minutes under the running water, one can apply ointment designed for burns over the affected area and cover the wound with a clean and dry cloth or bandage.

DO NOT break blisters or remove peeled skin.
DO NOT try to remove any fabric that is stuck to a burn.
DO NOT apply creams, ointments, lotions or butter to any burn injury because infection may occur and complicate the injury.
DO NOT place small children or babies in a cold bath or shower for a full 20 minutes, as this can cause hypothermia.

Eyes: If the eyes get burnt, immediately rinse the eyes with water and call for medical emergency. If the victim is wearing contact lenses, remove them before rinsing it with water.

Fire:  If the person catches fire while playing with the crackers, drop him on the ground and roll him over to extinguish the fire. Make use of jacket or blanket to cover the victim and pat the flames out. Immediately seek for medical attention.

Minor Burns can be treated with Mupirocin Oint or 1%  Silversulphadiazine oint applied twice a day. Eat plenty of antioxidant food such as cherries, tomatoes and blueberries. drink plenty of pure and fresh water. Avoid eating food such as bread, pasta and sugar.

Visit the nearest Plastic Surgeon/Surgeon , if Burns involving Face, neck, eyes, joints, Involving multiple areas, Deep Burns, Pain Not reducing In spite of pouring cool water over 20 mins.


Dr Amaresh Biradar 

MS,MCh(Plast Surg) ,DNB(Plast Surg)

Consultant Plastic surgeon 

HighBorn Plastic surgery Center